Sunday, May 27, 2018

Harvest Monday - May 28th. 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday Series over at Our Happy Acres.

King Richard Leeks.
I'm pretty happy with the amount of blanching on these.
A "things from my garden" version of Martha's potato leek soup 

That's it! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Harvest Monday - May 21st 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

I am terrible at summer gardening.

I harvested a bucketful of bitter from the heat chiogga beets.
One off type white beet. 

Handful of jewels
 Onions. This is the one thing that ground squirrels won't mow down at my community garden. Those little bastards even ate my inherited hollyhocks. 
Texas Grano

I also inherited a lemongrass patch, which I wasn't much interested in until recently. I've been cooking my way through this cookbook from my favorite restaurant in Silver Lake and I cannot endorse it enough.
Lemon grass and Renee's red scallions.
That's it. Things are already looking bleak and it isn't even hot here yet. Ground squirrels ate everything at my community garden so that's on hold while I figure out some sort of hardware solution. The landlord turned off my raccoon fence while I was on vacation and those jerks pulled up all my eggplants. Seedsavers sent me some bad seeds and I've got some sort of leaf disease that's spread through my tomatoes. I'm down to just a few low maintenance vegetables and my peasant flowers.