Thursday, June 14, 2018

Harvest Monday - June 18th, 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.


Basil, which went into some pesto. A mix of Botanical Interest's Large Leaf Basil, which does indeed get some very large, tough leaves. But it's a good variety that does well for me and I'm into it. Also some mystery basil from Renee's.

Still just a trickle.

 Beans beans beans beans beans.
Maxibel bush beans and a few Kentucky Blue pole beans.
 A cucumber avalanche. This is from THREE (3) vines. Iznik makes me want to pound on my chest and chant "IZ-NIK IZ-NIK" like a frat boy.

Even though it seems like the trees were all leafless yesterday, the orchard is already starting to fruit.
Baby jujubees.
Apples. Variety, mysterious.

Hachiya persimmon.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Harvest Monday - June 11th 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

Cucumbers! Eggplant! Beans! Most of these Maxibel beans went straight into my mouth. The eggplants are patio baby, which are a new-to-me variety that I absolutely love.
Pretty plants. Terrible photo.

Last year my eggplants were really vigorous and healthy, grew into these huuuuge, round, spiky trees, and gave me like, one eggplant every three months and they usually had sunscald or something. I bought the Patio Baby seeds after reading the variety spotlight at Our Happy Acres. These are well behaved, compact plants. No spines! Tons of eggplants per plant. Well worth the money.
It was like this.
Last Kolibri. First tomatoes of this planting.

These cucumbers! Iznik! I love it. They're so prolific. They're container friendly. No mildew so far. Each plant has approximately 49930402 cucumbers on it. 

Two harvests in one week. These also went straight into my mouth. 

The remaining cukes went into smashed cucumber salad. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Harvest Monday - June 4th, 2018

 This post is part of the Harvest Monday Series over at Our Happy Acres.

Still not a lot going on here. Sad small garlic harvest. I planted it too late in a location where it didn't get enough light or water. 

Inchelium Red deliberately photographed with nothing for scale. 

Last three leeks. 
King Richard. That blanching though!
Sad harvest. Picked a huge quantity of green tomatoes to ripen inside and culled five (5!) diseased plants in an attempt to save the rest. Two Amish Paste (aka Patient Zero), Blush, Sunrise Bumblebee, and a Pink Berkeley Tie Dye plant that actually showed no signs of disease, but was really just in the thick of it. 
Also pictured my boyfriend who came to take the green tomatoes inside and also brought me a glass of wine because I was extraordinarily salty about having to pull this many plants this early.