Monday, August 20, 2018

Harvest Monday - August 20th, 2018

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I haven't posted in a month mostly because things are business as usual here! I felt like my harvests were getting tedious.

This into infinity with small variations.

And it's mostly still that! I accidentally killed most of my eggplants (pyrethrin mixed too strong. oops) I gave them a hard trim and they're growing back, but I'm feeling fickle and ready to seed fall plants so we'll see. 

Off type Pink Berkeley Tie Die! It tastes pretty lame.

I'm still drowning in Trombocino squash and tomatoes. Also I wasn't quite ready to harvest that pumpkin, but the landscapers made the decision easy for me by mowing the entire vine. 

This vine is about 20 feet long and has grown all over the yard and into my shed.

I've also got a few Golden Nugget squash. They're a little on the shrimpy side because I planted this one too early. The other plants have larger squash on the bush.
Also, lots of green chiles. I'm growing Big Jim from Kitchen Garden Seeds (which I looove) and Numex Joe E. Parker from Renee's (which are fine). Also unpictured are my Chimayo chiles from Native Seed Search and my Baby Aji Amarillo peppers. I've only had a few of those so far buuuttttt....

I was at a bar near DTLA recently and they had Aji Amarillo Feta Dip! I've never seen Aji Amarillo in the wild so that was cool. Definitely going to try to recreate it if I get enough peppers off my one plant. We'll see. That bar is primo. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Harvest Monday - July 16th, 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

More of the same over here and I'm not mad about it. 

Trombocino, Armenian cucumbers, an avalanche of fairy tale eggplants, shishito peppers, some green chiles. 

Last year I said I wasn't going to grow Sungold again. On a whim I ordered a packet from a different company (Territorial) and this selection is so much better. Large firm fruits that don't split. Big enough to be worth harvesting. Sweet and tart. I wish I'd planted more than one vine. 

Piccolo Dattero is another recommendation I took from Michelle's blog. It's incredible. It has these especially fat trusses and the fruits are tasty and easy to harvest. It's not my very favorite flavor of cherry tomato, but it is really good and I will definitely be growing it again.

Green chiles. These were getting sunscald so I picked them on the early side. They're good, but they'll be better later in the summer. 

Joe E Parker from Renee's

Monday, July 9, 2018

Harvest Monday - July 9th, 2018

I have been out of town / it is peak summer vegetable season, so lots of people who are not me are harvesting things and sometimes things go directly from the vine to the grill and/or my mouth.

~~***In other words, this post is a hot mess***~~~
(Get ready for some terrible pictures.)

First Armenian cucumber. I planted four of these plants for some reason!
About to have five hundred. 
First zucchini and first trombocino. Terrible picture because these went directly onto the grill. The trombocino vine has already overgrown its 8 ft trellis and is climbing up a tree now.
In this picture I am screaming "Can't you hold them anyway that doesn't look like a wiener?!"

Tomatoes. They've been trickling in for awhile, I've just been bad at documenting them. Most of them have gone to roommates or friends. So as of writing this I've only tried a few of the varieties I'm growing. 

I took most of my seed suggestions this year from Michelle at From Seed to Table. Even though we live in very different climates we seem to be a similarish distance from the ocean (maybe) and gardening California is radically different from how my parents or anyone I know gardens. So any advice I can get is good advice, but also Michelle's advice is really good.

The real stand out of my garden this year is Jaune Flamme. Seriously these are SO good. Each plant is loaded with smallish to medium size fruits and they taste incredible! Tart and delicious. I just love this tomato.

The red tomatoes are Carmello. I like this tomato! It's easy, prolific. The fruits are pretty and tasty. I like my tomatoes more on the acidic side and this is definitely that.

The big stripey tomatoes were the only type I grew that I hadn't read about on a blog. Pink Berkeley Tie Dye and so far I'm so impressed. Incredible disease resistance. Very prolific for having such large fruit. No splitting yet. I'm also growing black krim this year and Pink Berkeley is putting it to shame. These taste great. 

 Fairytale and Patio baby. Still churning out fruits. 

 For the fourth of July we had a ton of things from my garden. Bean salad (Maxibel beans! They're so good!), Jaunne Flamme tomato and moz salad with some yard basil, hella squash. 

Anyway, happy summer.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Harvest Monday - June 18th, 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.


Basil, which went into some pesto. A mix of Botanical Interest's Large Leaf Basil, which does indeed get some very large, tough leaves. But it's a good variety that does well for me and I'm into it. Also some mystery basil from Renee's.

Still just a trickle.

 Beans beans beans beans beans.
Maxibel bush beans and a few Kentucky Blue pole beans.
 A cucumber avalanche. This is from THREE (3) vines. Iznik makes me want to pound on my chest and chant "IZ-NIK IZ-NIK" like a frat boy.

Even though it seems like the trees were all leafless yesterday, the orchard is already starting to fruit.
Baby jujubees.
Apples. Variety, mysterious.

Hachiya persimmon.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Harvest Monday - June 11th 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

Cucumbers! Eggplant! Beans! Most of these Maxibel beans went straight into my mouth. The eggplants are patio baby, which are a new-to-me variety that I absolutely love.
Pretty plants. Terrible photo.

Last year my eggplants were really vigorous and healthy, grew into these huuuuge, round, spiky trees, and gave me like, one eggplant every three months and they usually had sunscald or something. I bought the Patio Baby seeds after reading the variety spotlight at Our Happy Acres. These are well behaved, compact plants. No spines! Tons of eggplants per plant. Well worth the money.
It was like this.
Last Kolibri. First tomatoes of this planting.

These cucumbers! Iznik! I love it. They're so prolific. They're container friendly. No mildew so far. Each plant has approximately 49930402 cucumbers on it. 

Two harvests in one week. These also went straight into my mouth. 

The remaining cukes went into smashed cucumber salad. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Harvest Monday - June 4th, 2018

 This post is part of the Harvest Monday Series over at Our Happy Acres.

Still not a lot going on here. Sad small garlic harvest. I planted it too late in a location where it didn't get enough light or water. 

Inchelium Red deliberately photographed with nothing for scale. 

Last three leeks. 
King Richard. That blanching though!
Sad harvest. Picked a huge quantity of green tomatoes to ripen inside and culled five (5!) diseased plants in an attempt to save the rest. Two Amish Paste (aka Patient Zero), Blush, Sunrise Bumblebee, and a Pink Berkeley Tie Dye plant that actually showed no signs of disease, but was really just in the thick of it. 
Also pictured my boyfriend who came to take the green tomatoes inside and also brought me a glass of wine because I was extraordinarily salty about having to pull this many plants this early. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Harvest Monday - May 28th. 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday Series over at Our Happy Acres.

King Richard Leeks.
I'm pretty happy with the amount of blanching on these.
A "things from my garden" version of Martha's potato leek soup 

That's it! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Harvest Monday - May 21st 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

I am terrible at summer gardening.

I harvested a bucketful of bitter from the heat chiogga beets.
One off type white beet. 

Handful of jewels
 Onions. This is the one thing that ground squirrels won't mow down at my community garden. Those little bastards even ate my inherited hollyhocks. 
Texas Grano

I also inherited a lemongrass patch, which I wasn't much interested in until recently. I've been cooking my way through this cookbook from my favorite restaurant in Silver Lake and I cannot endorse it enough.
Lemon grass and Renee's red scallions.
That's it. Things are already looking bleak and it isn't even hot here yet. Ground squirrels ate everything at my community garden so that's on hold while I figure out some sort of hardware solution. The landlord turned off my raccoon fence while I was on vacation and those jerks pulled up all my eggplants. Seedsavers sent me some bad seeds and I've got some sort of leaf disease that's spread through my tomatoes. I'm down to just a few low maintenance vegetables and my peasant flowers. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Harvest Monday - April 23rd 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

Before I show the handful of things I pulled out of my garden this week, I have a question for the blogosphere. About a year ago I found this blog (I can't remember if it was recent) by a couple who grow a crazy amount of food in only containers neatly arranged on a concrete pad. Do you know this blog? Let me know!

This onion was masquerading as a leek. It was in with my bucket of leeks and also bolting. Gardening is full of surprises when you suck at labeling things. I am relieved my leeks are not bolting.
Fennels and rotten dog.
Last of the fennel. I finally harvested one at the right size. It went into my favorite fennel/pork dish.

I did not know fennel grew back after being clear cut until recently so I was very surprised to see this root grew two fennels!

I also thinned my beets.

Doin' it.

And that's about it as we transition from Los Angeles "Winter" to Surface of the Sun Summer.