Monday, November 19, 2018

Harvest Monday - November 19th 2018

Because I planted everything so late, we've only really got the last last last last dregs of summer here.

Chimayo peppers, which are currently drying to become flakes.

Juliet tomatoes, which will be coming back in earnest next year, and Tie Dye Berkeley and Carmello, which will also be coming back next year.

Happy fall!


  1. Tomatoes are just a fond memory here! I'm envious of the Tie Dye Berkely which didn't do much for me this year. Juliet is one of my favorites though.

    1. I definitely took the recommendation from you! I try not to impulse buy seeds I see on Harvest Monday, but I couldn't help myself with these. They really live up to the hype.

  2. Missing fresh tomatoes! I do sometimes think it is just as well that so many of the varieties mentioned by you guys in the States are not available here in the UK, as I have enough trouble curtailing my seed -buying habits as it is!!