Monday, October 8, 2018

Harvest Monday - October 8th 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our Happy Acres.

I'm still here, still growing. My harvests were looking very much the same for so many weeks and I figured I'd start posting when new things cropped up and then suddenly it was fall. And now here we are.

My Aji Amarillo plant is not, in fact, dead. It bounced back after its pyrethrin run in and it's been an incredibly fruitful plant. I'm really happy with it.

Tomatoes are still going, but I'm going to pull them out sometime this week. I've been really happy with the varieties I planted this year and many of them will be coming back next year.

Carmello, Piccolo Dattero, and Berkeley Pink Tie Dye will all be coming back next year for sure. Pink Tie Dye was my first Wild Boar tomato and it will not be my last. Carmello is a really even, tasty (it is very sweet tho) and reliable tomato so I'm looking forward to more of that. Piccolo Dattero has really been the most productive plant in my garden and I anticipate I will be growing this tomato for a long time. 

Sungold (from territorial seed) and Jaunne Flamme also did really well this year and are in consideration for next year. They did the least well (but still well) in our extreme heat.

Camp Joy and Amish Paste had very very weak disease resistance and are unlikely to return. Ditto for Blush and the Artisan cherry series.

 It grew up and over the tree next to its trellis so it looks like we have squash trees. 
My Trombocino squash plant looks terrible, but is still everywhere. I did absolutely nothing to this plant all season and it has thrived. It's currently growing squash in the neighbors yard as well. 

Anyway, I'm pretty pumped to turn everything in and  start fresh.

Arcado hyssop, Benary's giant wine, fireworks gomenphrena, flamingo celosia, qis carmine, rudbeckia - bakers creek mix, zeolights calendula.


  1. I can imagine the trombo growing up a tree! Mine are running all over the garden after escaping the trellis. I'm amazed you still have tomatoes. Mine have pretty much dried up in the heat.

  2. The Carmello sounds and looks like a great tomato. Isn't it nice to have tomatoes linger into the fall? Though I'm ready to pull them out this week too.

  3. Oh that Berkley Pink Tie Dye tomato looks amazing! I do wish I could grow that here... it looks juts delicious