Monday, August 20, 2018

Harvest Monday - August 20th, 2018

This post is part of the Harvest Monday series over at Our HappyAcres

I haven't posted in a month mostly because things are business as usual here! I felt like my harvests were getting tedious.

This into infinity with small variations.

And it's mostly still that! I accidentally killed most of my eggplants (pyrethrin mixed too strong. oops) I gave them a hard trim and they're growing back, but I'm feeling fickle and ready to seed fall plants so we'll see. 

Off type Pink Berkeley Tie Die! It tastes pretty lame.

I'm still drowning in Trombocino squash and tomatoes. Also I wasn't quite ready to harvest that pumpkin, but the landscapers made the decision easy for me by mowing the entire vine. 

This vine is about 20 feet long and has grown all over the yard and into my shed.

I've also got a few Golden Nugget squash. They're a little on the shrimpy side because I planted this one too early. The other plants have larger squash on the bush.
Also, lots of green chiles. I'm growing Big Jim from Kitchen Garden Seeds (which I looove) and Numex Joe E. Parker from Renee's (which are fine). Also unpictured are my Chimayo chiles from Native Seed Search and my Baby Aji Amarillo peppers. I've only had a few of those so far buuuttttt....

I was at a bar near DTLA recently and they had Aji Amarillo Feta Dip! I've never seen Aji Amarillo in the wild so that was cool. Definitely going to try to recreate it if I get enough peppers off my one plant. We'll see. That bar is primo.